Dr Mattias Desmet

Dr Mattias Desmet

PhD in clinical psychology, master’s in statistics

Dr. Mattias Desmet was a professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium.


Mattias Desmet was until recently lecturer of psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting, Ghent University.

Research at the department has a strong clinical and practice oriented focus. Matthias works as a clinical psychologist in private practice himself. In his research program, he focuses on process and outcome of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. At the methodological level, he combines single case methodology with randomized group designs and quantitative with qualitative assessment. Mattias Desmet published 48 articles in ISI-ranked journals, besides 8 articles in other psychological journals and 2 book chapters. He is one of the founders of the Single Case Archive (www.singlecasearchive.com), a database that gathers and categorizes a large amount of published single case studies on the process and outcome of psychotherapy. Currently, a Hercules project, in collaboration with Ann Buysse and Alexis Dewaele, is running that aims at elaborating the single case database to include around 3500 cases.

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