Dr Mike Yeadon

Dr. Michael (Mike) Yeadon

Ex Chief scientific Officer Pfizer UK


Michael Yeadon is a former chief scientist and vice president of the allergy and respiratory research unit[1] of the drug company Pfizer in Sandwich, Kent, England, co-founder and CEO of biotech company Ziarco,[2][3] and an anti-vaccine advocate.[4] He has made several false or unfounded claims about the COVID-19 pandemic which have resulted in media attention.[4]

April 2021. I now seek opportunities to relocate to the USA & to continue opposing inappropriate policy responses to covid19.

Apr 2020. Unpaid student of the SARS/CoV-2 pandemic & especially the odd policy responses.

March 2018. Medical issues have prompted retirement. I have no regrets and have enjoyed my professional career hugely. Thanks to everyone with whom I’ve worked over the years.

Proven track record of value delivery & leadership of complex teams. Drug hunting remains one of the last truly important, organised tests for human kind.
Highly experienced, innovative drug discoverer with 25y+ in the pharmaceutical industry. Proven track record of successful initiation, leadership of, and delivery of multiple, positive PoC experimental drugs from, multi-disciplinary teams from idea to clinic, covering all major allergic, respiratory & dermatologic indications and including inhalation & biotherapeutic approaches. Clear track record of identifying new ways to exploit breaking science from area and to apply it to another (clinical re-purposing). Good understanding of the marketplace and of deploying early commercial insights. Adds to the bottom line.
Mylan acquired assets from the portfolio I previously led.
An independent since 2011.
Industry experience: 24 years (Ziarco, Consulting, Pfizer, GW, Welcome Labs)
# Papers published: 40 full papers, 63 abstracts, 2 books; # Patents published: 6
Innovator in inflammatory, immune and allergic diseases, developed out of deep knowledge of biology, therapeutics and business. Experienced in delivery of experimental therapeutics by oral, inhaled, nasal and injected routes. Ability to lead & work well within a team and to bring about important and long-lasting change to organisational structures, capabilities and direction. Significant business development experience. Influences to CEO level.

Specialties: Value creation via applied pharmaceutical R&D. Oral, topical and inhaled drugs – from target selection, project design, compound selection and advancement, as well as clinical testing and regulatory requirements, incorporating the role of different inhaler devices and formulation platforms.

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