Professor Angus Dalgleish

Angus Dalgleish

Professor of Oncology

Angus George Dalgleish  is a professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London, best known for his contributions to HIV/AIDS research. Dalgleish stood in 2015 for Parliament as a UKIP candidate.


Professor Dalgleish is a Professor of Oncology. His work on human retroviruses led to him being a co-discoverer of the fact that HIV used CD4 as a receptor, and senior author of the paper that first linked HIV infection to slim disease in East Africa.

With regard to cancer, Professor Dalgleish has applied the principle of his work in HIV to the immune response to cancer and been involved with many vaccine programmes, mainly against melanoma. Patients on mycobacterium vaccae studies have done far better than expected. Based on these observations, Immodulon has resurrected this vaccine, which is the main vaccine candidate of interest to Professor Dalgliesh’s research group.

Nearly all of the group’s work on immune response to cancer and the development of vaccines has been funded by the Cancer Vaccine Institute, originally set by families of patients who felt they had benefitted enormously from earlier trials.

The other major line of Professor Dalgliesh’s research has been the resurrection of Thalidomide and the development of the analogue programme with Celgene. The first of these, which the group published a phase I/II study on and were surprised to see the strong immune modulatory effect of, was Revlimid. It has subsequently been confirmed, and this agent is now in trial, as an oral adjuvant for vaccines. The drug itself has been outstandingly successful in the clinic for multiple myeloma, while Professor Dalgliesh was awarded the Joshua Lederberg Prize in 2012.


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